Sparkify (Penn Spark Fall 2023)

A web app that uses AI to generate a user's collage of their top music taste on Spotify. Built with Python, Svelte, and AWS Lambda

The Daily Pennsylvanian Platform API

A unified API for The Daily Pennsylvanian, Under the Button, and 34th Street websites, as well as the DP+ mobile app. Built with Express, MongoDB, and TypeScript

The Tower PHS

The website for Princeton High School's newspaper club, The Tower. Written with Next.js, Prisma, and TypeScript and uses postgreSQL as a database


A command-line tool that can convert any video (or image) into a stream of ascii characters that can be played in the terminal. Written with Rust and Open Computer Vision.

Guess the Number OS (Kernel)

A bare metal, 32-bit kernel + custom bootloader written in C and Intel Assembly. All it does is play guess the number.

Penn Course Cart (SHOWCASE)

A UI for picking and viewing courses. (Penn Labs Club Application)

Under the Button quiz (SHOWCASE)

A UI for an interactive satirical quiz. (The DP Club Application)